Here's what a few iconic authors are saying about Seven Steps to Your Best Life!

“In Seven Steps to Your Best Life, Dr. Broder eloquently shares his powerful strategies to reach your highest potential in every area of your life. An easy and simple guide to fulfillment." 
---Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Seven Steps to Your Best Life will introduce many to the Stage Climbing process, a highly effective series of strategies for living life at your highest potential. Dr. Broder shows how to maximize your unique passions and purpose, by systematically clearing away blockages that obstruct your access to that zone within you.  I recommend it to people who desire to manifest their greatest dreams.”  
---John Perkins, NYT Bestselling Author of The New  Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

This experience shows you how to perform and achieve at your best in every area of your life. Get more done, make more money and succeed faster than you ever thought possible.”
--- Brian Tracy; Speaker, consultant and author of Maximum Achievement

"It's time to release your full potential in all your dimensions, and this will inspire you to your highest stage!!
---Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the #1New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I highly recommend Seven Steps to Your Best Life for anyone who would like to understand, accept or change an aspect of his or her life. Dr. Broder offers a brand-new approach that will get you the results you want for your career, relationships, spirituality or any part of your life where you apply it.”
---Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author of Your Destiny Switch

---Stephen R. Covey, NYT bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me had this to say about the concept of Stage Climbing shortly before his untimely passing ---“The Stage Climbing Solution brilliantly transforms the best ingredients for reaching your potential into the kind of powerful and highly effective action steps that anyone can apply to quickly make desired life changes.” 

In addition, scores of mental health and other professionals have provided strong endorsements for Seven Steps to Your Best Life as well as the Stage Climbing concept that powers it, including these:

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life provides one of the most innovative and brilliant models for helping people to change at the deepest levels. I have successfully used it on myself as well as with the clients I counsel, and strongly recommend it to anyone seriously seeking to gain a better understanding of themselves and take control of their lives very quickly."
--- Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD., Director, Professional Program in Core Living Therapy

"If we’re fortunate, our lives will be touched by a person, a process, or an insight that resonates so deeply in our soul that we feel we’ve brushed up against an absolute truth. Dr. Michael Broder’s Seven Steps To Your Best Life: The Stage Climbing Solution For Living The Life You Were Born To Live hits that mark as he describes the process, in great detail, for us to shake off all of the things that stop us from reaching our potential. In our work at CoupleWise we aim to provide the tools to help you have the best relationship or marriage possible. We look forward to integrating Dr. Broder’s approaches into future versions of our CoupleWise program.
 ---Dr. Gary Krane,
Chief Psychologist & Dan Gallo, CEO--- Co-Founders of CoupleWise

"Dr. Broder has distilled a lifetime of professional service into a unique set of perspectives... and a set of highly effective strategies for transforming this clarity into meaningful change within our everyday lives. With practical guidelines for enhancing parenting, career selection, and love relationships, Seven Steps to Your Best Life is a perfect for human service professionals, as well as anyone seeking a wonderful 'road map' for more successful living."
---Bruce Coopersmith, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, and author of Buying Without Regrets

"Michael Broder's Seven Steps to Your Best Life is a thoughtful, manageable, and elegant approach to our important therapeutic work. It provides a brilliantly useful and succinct paradigm for understanding and promoting clients' resources, development, and growth ... Michael, you did it again!"
---Elaine R. Axelrod, PhD., Psychologist and Shamanic Practitioner

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life introduces a new, simple, yet powerful tool. It cuts to the chase in helping you understand your life as well as taking it to the next level with the many effective strategies offered. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see immediate results!"
---Fran Grabosky,  Psychologist, Tampa, Florida

"I fully recommend Seven Steps to Your Best Life by Dr. Michael Broder. He has a special way of engaging and his compassion shines through. If you follow his ideas you will ascend to good mental health." 
---Windy Dryden, Ph.D., Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies, Goldsmiths University of London

"Michael Broder brings self-actualizing theory into the 21st century. He presents an optimistic vision of how through self-reflection of one's development in different stages of life, one can create the motivation and self-efficacy needed for change and development of one's full potential."
---Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D., Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne; founder, You Can Do It! Education

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life is so illuminating. It has helped me understand not only when I developed certain behaviors but also why and what needs, each one was originally intended to address, and this insight has increased my acceptance of myself and others and provided me with a path to greater purpose and meaning in my life."
---Carol Nobblit, Director of Development for the Real World Foundation

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life represents a breakthrough. It is a completely new career and personal development tool that takes a jumble of feelings and descriptions and drills them down into discrete categories that anyone can understand. It concisely let me see where I was in my career and personal development and it gave me the tools I needed to achieve greater development and more fulfillment."
---Sharon P. Stein, Healthcare and Medical Sales Professional representing Fortune 500 firms and the American Red Cross

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life offers a masterful integration of cognitive therapy tools across the developmental life span. He encourages self-acceptance and honest self-assessment. With amazing detail, Dr. Broder prescribes activities and tools to cognitively dispute limiting beliefs at each stage, leading you towards living your fullest potential."
---Barbara Lyn Grinnell, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Wynewood, PA

"Seven Steps to Your Best Life provides me with an intelligent framework for organizing my thoughts and deciding the most efficient place to intervene when I'm working with a client."
---Arlene Foreman, Licensed Professional Counselor, A Center for Marriage Counseling

“Michael Broder has done it again! His innovative way of categorizing behavior according to a person’s level of maturity helps my clients to move towards their goals in the most efficient manner.” 
---Jacqueline Summers,  Licensed Psychologist

"Dr Broder has developed an important and thoughtful approach, one which is indispensable to mental health professionals but also accessible to anyone valuing psychological well-being. Although based on complex psychological theories and on the shoulders of such greats as Maslow and Erickson, Dr. Broder has created yet another system to facilitate psychological growth and enable you to be more impactful in your life. He has formulated a well-organized, clear, concise method for exploring deep psychological processes. In that process, he has revealed himself to be an important theorist in the field of psychology. What also comes through is Dr. Broder's respect and passion for his profession and its powerful potential to not only heal, but to enable one to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life."
---Dr. Marion Rudin Frank, President, Professional Psychology Services, PC; Founder  Philadelphia Jungian Professional Club

"The concepts in Stage Climbing integrated a variety of developmental and therapeutic psychological theories in a well-organized and practical manner in a way to be useful to practitioners and laypeople alike. When looking at careers, romantic relationships, family relationships, altruistic endeavors, and other facets of life, I thought of scenarios in my own life, the lives of friends and loved ones, and my patients. Personally, the concepts gave me courage to enact behavior change by addressing a professional issue with an authority figure; I felt empowered by having stood up for myself! I have no doubt this approach would be useful for helping others with understanding and changing their own behavior by realizing the areas in their own life that could benefit from growth and change."
---Alicia T. Rozycki Lozano, Ph.D., Clinical and Counseling Psychologist

 “Seven Steps to Your Best Life is such a wonderfully helpful guide to getting the most out of life and bettering ourselves along the way.”     
---BJ Rosenfeld, author of The Chameleon in the Closet

“With precision, clarity, wisdom and heart; in Seven Steps To Your Best Life, Michael Broder takes you through the process of Stage Climbing  towards the task of greater knowledge and awareness about your highest potential. This is magical.” 
---Murray Needleman, Ph.D., Clinical and Media Psychologist