Access The Zone of Genius Within You!


If you are new to the Stage Climbing process, our mission is simple: to help you connect with your passions and unique life purpose, so that you can fully live the life you were BORN to live with respect to whatever part(s) of it you’d most like to optimize!

Within you, is a  zone of genius that contains your creativity, essential powers, and the other innate gifts that enable you  to  operate at your very highest potential! 

Would you like to be living your best life and operating at your highest potential in one or more pivotal life areas? Do you consider yourself a High Achiever, or would you like to become one? If so, you've come to the right place!

We're here to give you a  step by step, paint by the numbers roadmap; along with the tools and strategies, resources and guidance  to be operating at your absolute best --  with your business or career, personal or spiritual life, relationships or whatever area(s) of your life that you choose to work on -- for getting  the results you want,  reaching even your most daunting goals -- and to be living your best life -- in the shortest time possible! 

The Stage Climbing Solution is a fresh, simple and extremely powerful system for life transformation that you can learn and begin to put into practice in minutes. These proven strategies  have been used to help some of our highest achievers in business, sports, the media, the creative arts, and virtually every profession, who have consulted me over a period of more than four decades. 

Imagine that you’ve gained the profound ability to understand virtually any aspect of what you do, and what really motivates you! Would you then use these breakthrough insights to free yourself of past pain, fully connect to and be guided by your strongest passions and/or discover, then pursue your unique life purpose? Would you apply this personal power to an important  goal — like being in the relationship you want, having the career or building the business you'd love, mastering the art of motivating yourself or others, unleashing your creative genius or having a deeper spiritual connection — fueled by your  unique passions, and empowering you to pursue the distinct contribution you’re here to make?

Perhaps certain parts of your life are exactly as you want them to be, while others —such as your career, marriage or love life, spirituality, your emotions, your motivation or parenting skills, your creativity, connection to your uniqueness or even the pursuit of your distinct mission itself— can use a tweak, a major transformation or something in between.

The Stage Climbing Solution helps you assess exactly where you are now, where you may be stuck and where you want to go. It then delivers powerful and proven strategies to clear the obstacles that block your access to this natural and organic zone within you, where you operate at your very best.  For so many, the result has been profound and life changing!

There are two ways to begin this life changing journey:

  1. Take a deep dive into your Stage Climbing process, where l'll take you step-by-step, stage-by-stage to that zone of genius within yourself, where your unique passions and life purpose become your natural guides. We’ve designed a brand new, one of a kind  online course-- Seven Steps to Your Best Life: The Stage Climbing Solution for Living the Life You Were Born to Live. You can learn all about this experience  by clicking the link below, and be working with me in our membership site–risk free-- to access your zone of genius minutes from now!  Click here for a full description of the Seven Steps to Your Best Life Online Course.
  2. If you’d prefer some highly customized individual strategies or coaching using the Stage Climbing process to help you or your organization achieve excellence in one or more pivotal areas, please feel free to contact me personally. Email me at with any questions and/or visit us at Simply let me know how my team and I can be of help. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have applied the Stage Climbing Solution to one or more parts of your life, we would especially love to know how it has affected you. 

Whichever way you choose to get involved, our mission together is to clear away all the obstacles, that block your access to this natural, organic and  amazing zone within yourself. I can’t tell you what you’ll find when you get there, because it’s unique to you. But we can show how you where it is, and give you the tools and proven strategies to get to this place where operating at your absolute best, fueled by your unique passions and life purpose becomes your new normal -- for whatever part or parts of your life you’d like to optimize -- and very soon!

To your highest potential!

PS: I want to help you to connect to this magical zone within yourself. That’s why my team and I have given you two risk free ways to get started, that will be available only for a limited time.

This approach is different than any you may have tried previously. So if  you've  not achieved your desired results with whatever you have tried in the past, The Stage Climbing Solution is especially for you -- as you will also learn  exactly why the outcome you expected may have eluded you so far. But most importantly, how to succeed now!

Here is just a sampling of what some iconic authors had to say about
Seven Steps to Your Best Lifeour brand new online course that teaches you how to  power your life with the Stage Climbing Solution process:

"In Seven Steps to Your Best Life,  Dr. Broder eloquently shares his powerful strategies to reach your highest potential in every area of your life."
---Deepak Chopra, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Seven Steps to Your Best Life will introduce many to the Stage Climbing process, a highly effective series of strategies for living life at your highest potential. Dr. Broder shows how to maximize your unique passions and purpose, by systematically clearing away blockages that obstruct your access to that zone within you. I recommend it to people who desire to manifest their greatest dreams”. 
--- John Perkins, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“This experience shows you how to perform and achieve at your best in every area of your life. Get more done, make more money and succeed faster than you ever thought possible”.
--- Brian Tracy, Speaker, consultant and author of Maximum Achievement

“It is time to release your full potential in all your dimensions and this will inspire you to your highest stage!!  
---Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the #1 New York Times series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I highly recommend Seven Steps To Your Best Life for anyone who would like to understand, accept or change an aspect of his or her life. Dr. Broder offers a brand-new approach that will get you the results you want for your career, relationships, spirituality or any part of your life where you apply it”.   
---Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author of Your Destiny Switch
Stephen R. Covey, New York Times bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People had this to say about the Stage Climbing Process shortly before his untimely passing:
“The Stage Climbing Solution brilliantly transforms the best ingredients for reaching your potential into the kind of powerful and highly effective action steps that anyone can apply to quickly make desired life changes.”
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