Within each of us is a zone where we naturally and organtically operate at our best!

Stage Climbing is a system for transformation that I’ve developed, refined, taught to mental health professionals and used with my clients, for almost 4 decades.


The Stage Climbing Solution is a groundbreaking course which is built on the principle  that changing your life is never a “one size fits all” process. It is possibly the first online ever to show you  exactly how to understand and overcome any obstacle within yourself that’s keeping you stuck and out of that zone within yourself where you operate at your highest potential, naturally and organically.

40 years in development, and tested clinically with thousands of patients and clients, Stage Climbing process is a simple yet extremely powerful “paint-by-the-numbers” system that you can learn in minutes, empowering you to use your passion as the vehicle to reach the zone of your highest potential in your personal and spiritual life, career and relationships or any part of your life that you choose to work on. When you are operating from this zone of passion, you are doing what you love and ultimately having your greatest impact on the world!

Stage Climbing identifies seven distinct stages from which we view our lives. Once you recognize the stage at which you are presently operating in an aspect of life, you can then choose to operate at the stage consistent with the goal you are aspiring to.  Along the way, you will discover how to both understand and resolve your most daunting issues and take charge of your life as never before.

The Stage Climbing Solution walks you through this process and then provides a bevy of fresh, simple and proven strategies to bring about your chosen changes and advance the ball in whatever part of your life you are working on, rapidly and permanently. 

Stage Climbing is not a concept that merely helps you feel better temporarily.  It is designed to help you make permanent changes you choose, that will stay with you for a lifetime!

The Stage Climbing Solution is a life-changing journey. You will learn how to:

  • Grow up – Growing older does not mean you are acquiring wisdom! This book will show you how to quickly mature in any area of your life you choose to work on, so that you are fully empowered to reach your potential.
  • Understand your life better – not only now, but also at past times in your life.
  • Discover why certain relationships may not have worked out, and how to quickly and permanently turn that pattern around that are blocking the path to your optimal life.
  • Learn to tolerate those certain areas of life that never were designed to deliver fulfillment in the first place.
  • Understand the paradox of loving versus being loved, and how that subtle distinction can profoundly change your life.
  • Hardwire the attitudes and beliefs consistent with living life at your highest potential.
  • Connect with your passion so that you can find your purpose, mission or calling and then make the contribution you are here to make.
  • Access your inner resources to find what truly motivates you, choose the exact life you want and clear any obstacles to living it— in the shortest time possible!


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In addition to the many clinically proven strategies you will learn about in the book or audio program, StageClimbing.com offers you a comprehensive listing of the best self-help resourcesbooks, audios, videos, websites, programs— available anywhere, to help you with different aspects of your stage climb: which is my term for the process that puts you on the unique path to your highest potential.

The Stage Climbing process can be used by itself or to enhance virtually any other program or approach to personal growth, you may have tried or are working on now. So if something hasn’t delivered for you in the past, after learning the Stage Climbing system, you’ll understand exactly why it didn’t and how to revisit and make it work now, if that’s your choice. Also, please visit the testimonial page to see how Stage Climbing has benefitted others.